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7 Secrets of a Go-Getter, As Shared By Chicago’s Women Conference Speakers

The next Go-Getter Conference will take place from September 15-16, 2023 in Chicago.


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Women from the South Side of Chicago are true go-getters. They go after their boldest dreams while giving back to their community in grand ways.

Photo courtesy of Candace Junée

This is not a secret. Former first lady Michelle Obama showed the world what’s possible for women on the South Side of Chicago through her journey.

Michelle grew up in the South Shore community and graduated from Whitney Young Magnet High School. After college, she returned to Chicago and started working at a law firm. Barack Obama became an intern at the company and eventually won her heart. And the rest is history.

Epic Fab Girl founder Candace Junée hosted her Go-Getter Conference in Chicago from September 16-17, 2022 to expose the world to go-getters in Chicago and beyond.

“This weekend you are about to be poured into by people who have run multiple million dollar businesses,” says Candace during her opening remarks on Friday. “They have been where you are, and have the ability to impart into you. But you know what the number one thing that will get in the way of your purpose, destiny, finances, bank account, and the promise land that God has promised you? The number one thing that will get in the way of what God has called you to do is you.”

Her 2-day conference agenda was packed with panel discussions, fireside chats, and worship. She was on a mission to give attendees a mix of business and faith-based discussions. It’s safe to say Candace understood the assignment. Both virtual and in-person attendees expressed their gratitude and lessons learned throughout the event.

If you missed the event, here are 7 takeaways that you can implement from the inspiring speakers at the Go-Getter Conference.

Image: Candace Junée; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group.

1.Choose inspiration over intimidation.

Go-Getter J. Renee, founder of Boutique J. Renee and The Visionary Academy, has over 100,000 followers across all social media networks. Her book, True Confessions of a Visionary: Embracing Vision as a Lifestyle, is available on Amazon.


When asked how she avoids falling into the trap of social media comparisons, she let the audience know that she chooses inspiration over intimidation. She uses the success of others as motivation to help her achieve her goals.

“If I see somebody doing something great, I immediately start taking notes,” says J. Renee. “I believe I can learn anything from anybody. I don’t give myself a chance to be intimidated or insecure. I unfollow anything that makes me feel some type of way, and follow people that provide inspiration.”

She adds, “The things that provoke comparison, intimidation, and insecurity is pride. Humble yourself and understand you can learn things from anybody. When I wanted to aggressively grow my business, I identified the businesses that were doing what I wasn’t. That became my goals. I found Black women who looked like me, and I found multi-billion dollar companies that didn’t look anything like me. I went through [my list} and took notes. The greatest assets are the people who do what you want to do. But sometimes we are so prideful that we don’t make the necessary connections we need. “

J. Renee trained herself to be inspired by the beautiful things around her. She takes classes from those who inspire her to help her get to the next level of her journey.

2. Bet on yourself.

Colony Reeves of the real estate reality series ‘Selling Tampa’ knew what she wanted. So, she decided to bet on herself.

Image: Candace Junée and Colony Reeves; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group

“Bet on yourself,” says Colony. “You can never lose when you bet on yourself. You are putting all your energy into this one thing that you want. And you are being disciplined, waking up every day and choosing that life, praying about it, writing it down, and manifesting it.

Colony was unfulfilled and searching for another path in life. When she turned to real estate, she made sure her life aligned with the things she wanted to attract. She followed people who were a reflection of what she wanted to attract, and dressed the part of a luxury real estate agent.

“You have to start living the life you want, even though it’s not here yet. There is absolutely no way you can fail. If it is, that just means God is redirecting your path in another way, and that’s still not failure. So, go after it. Bet on yourself because you can’t lose.”

3. Create a business model that supports a lifestyle you desire.

Go-Getter Bianca Robinson is a project manager and operations expert. As the founder of Cayden Cay Consulting, she’s built a 7-figure business offering business development, consulting, and project management services.

Image: Bianca Robinson, Candace Junée and Makeda Smith; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group

But what scaled her business to 7-figures was not her portfolio of services; it was her digital products. Her business is 90% digital and 10% service, which gives her time to live the quality of life she desires. She does the work once and earns revenue every time someone purchases her product.

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Bianca shared with the audience ways to create multiple streams — not sources — of income in your business. It starts with a system.

“If you have the right processes in your business, your productivity will increase, and then your profit will increase,” says Bianca. ”[But first] you need to find out what you want and wrap your business around that to bring you health and happiness.”

4. Understand the power of your personal brand.

Go-Getter Regan Farley joined forces with her longtime friend Deja Cromartie to create Intel Media Group. Their superpowers are public relations. They help entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influencers land earned media opportunities by selling their stories to various networks.

Image: Intel Media Group and Candace Junée; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group

One important thing Regan wants everyone to know about PR is that ‘PR is what people say about you and not what you say about yourself’. She believes that 3rd party validation is important when you are building your brand.

5. Prepare your mind for your next level.

Go-Getter Makeda Smith is the founder of Savvy Chicks in Real Estate. She’s built a 7-figure brand helping women in real estate market their message and protect their paycheck.

Image: Bianca Robinson, Candace Junée and Makeda Smith; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group

Although Makeda has the resources and insights to provide women with the secret sauce for success, she shares that the mindset work is an internal job – even for her. Makeda told the audience that she had to shift her mindset to understand what was possible for her before she could achieve it.

In order for you to know that you can go to the next level, you have to put yourself out there and do the work.

“If you think you can do it, you can do it,” said Makeda. “If you think you can’t, you can’t. Whatever you tell your mind, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

6. It’s bigger than YOU.

Go-Getter conference host Candace Junée wants to help women all over the world release the gifts inside of them. First, women must overcome all doubts, fears, circumstances, comparisons, uncertainties, and insecurities to confidently rise to the occasion.

Image: Candace Junée; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group

“It’s bigger than us. It’s bigger than this moment. It’s about generations,” Candace said during her opening prayer on Friday.

When your determination to impact the world is screaming so loud, you won’t even have time to hear what doubt is saying to you. Show up in spaces where you can grow in your purpose and unleash all that is inside of you. Women’s empowerment events like the Go-Getter Conference is one way to tap into your brilliance and release the Go-Getter within you.

7. Master your craft.

YouTube influencer Erin on Demand decided to bet on herself and start a YouTube channel. Her goal was to reach 50,000 subscribers in a year. But her consistency, transparency, and discipline attracted over 100,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel within a year.

Image: Candace Junée and Erin on Demand; Photo Credit: Rhinehart Media Group

“There are many tools that can help you grow your YouTube following, but the biggest action you can take is to practice,” says Erin. “I invested my time and energy into being good at what I do. You can’t shortcut that.”

Erin attended Toastmaster meetings, practiced speaking in the mirror, and recorded herself to enhance her public speaking skills. By the time she started her YouTube channel, she was ready to confidently share her message with the world.

“Experimentation is such an important phase we want to skip over,” says Erin. “Creators are crushing it because they are doing what’s fun for them. Find that thing you enjoy and that you want to create over and over again.”

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If you missed this year’s conference, you can get ready for 2023. The next Go-Getter Conference will take place September 15-16, 2023 in Chicago. Grab your early bird tickets for the Go-Getter conference this weekend.

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