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Welcome to Chicago Southsider!

Launched in August 2021, Chicago Southsider is on a mission to unlock the best of Chicago’s South Side. Within our first 12 months, we accumulated over 5,500 subscribers who are ready to explore the best of Business, Beauty, Books, Brunch, and Beverages on Chicago’s South Side. We’ve covered pitch competitions, conferences, and grand openings to change the narrative in our community.

If you would like to support this journey, submit original content, or share ideas with the Chicago Southsider, please reach out to us at hello@chicagosouthsider.com.

Chicago’s Southsider top priorities include:

  • Expanding our reach to over 25,000 residents
  • Employing content creators from the South Side of Chicago
  • Changing the narrative of Chicago’s South Side by highlighting the best of what our community offers