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Chicago Montessori Teacher Jasmine Williams Reaches Semi-Finals in America’s Favorite Teacher Contest

Join the daily vote to advance this Chicago Montessori teacher to the top 8.

Jasmine Williams America's Favorite Teacher contest
Chicago Montessori teacher Jasmine Williams, Image Source: Rhinehart Media Group

CHICAGO, May 22, 2024 – Chicago Montessori School teacher Jasmine Williams has advanced to the semifinals in the America’s Favorite Teacher competition.

Out of nearly 70,000 teachers who began this journey, only 64 remain, and now Jasmine Williams needs your support to make it to the final round on Thursday, May 23.

Chicago’s own is competing to win $25,000, a trip to Hawaii, and a feature in Reader’s Digest as part of the America’s Favorite Teacher contest. Only the first place winner in this week’s semifinals group will advance to the Top 8 final competition that will take place from Friday, May 24 to Thursday, May 30.

“I am thrilled to have made it to the top 1% of teachers,” said Jasmine Williams. “This competition is not just about me; it’s an opportunity to support Teach for America and make a difference in the lives of students everywhere.”

Education is the cornerstone of our future, and teachers like Jasmine Williams dedicate their lives to nurturing the potential in every child. Your vote can help honor her commitment and inspire countless others to value and support the power of education.

Click here to vote for free using a Facebook account to verify your identity. You can also make a tax-deductible donation to Teacher for America to support Jasmine Williams. Each vote will count as double votes on Wednesday, May 22.

“If I can get people to vote once a day, every day from now until the end of May, we have a chance to bring the title of America’s Favorite Teacher to Chicago,” said Jasmine Williams. “This win will inspire so many in my community to believe in their gifts and release their potential to the world.”

Here’s where to go to cast a vote — and you can vote again after 24 hours: https://americasfavteacher.org/2024/jasmine-williams



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