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Get Featured in Chicago Southsider!

Your story could inspire positive change on the South Side of Chicago.

Southside Grinds Grand Opening Charlene Rhinehart and Ebony

Welcome to the Chicago Southsider!

If this is your first time reading our content, this is a good chance to get to know us and learn how you can get involved. Community development is a team sport, and we know that none of our goals will be possible without you.

The Chicago Southsider was launched in August 2021 to fill a gap in local news coverage.

We are going behind the scenes to inform and inspire our community.

Our team (it’s just me right now) is on the hunt for grand openings, entrepreneurship stories, special events, funding opportunities, and everything in between that allows us to showcase the good in our neighborhood.

As we expand (we need you!), we will be able to provide more coverage and produce events designed to help you make the most of the opportunities available on the South Side of Chicago.

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All emails should be sent to hello@chicagosouthsider.com. In the subject of the email, please add “Get Featured: (Your Name)”. For example, the email subject should should read “Get Featured: Charlene Rhinehart.”

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All emails should be sent to hello@chicagosouthsider.com

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