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7 Grants for Go-Getters Who Want to Crush Their Winter Goals: ‘Bet on Yourself’

Go Getter Conference Colony Reeves Photography Couch
Image: Candace Junée and Colony Reeves; Photo Credit: J'nae Antionette Photography
If you’re trying to find extra money to fund your business initiatives, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a short list of grants that you can apply for right now. Unlike loans, you typically won’t have to pay a grant back. You just need to make sure you adhere to the grant requirements to remain in good standing. Are you ready to get started? First, you have to believe in your vision. If you believe in your vision, you’ll take the necessary steps to make it a reality.
“Bet on yourself,” says Colony Reeves of ‘Selling Tampa’ during the Go-Getter Conference in Chicago. “You can never lose when you bet on yourself. You are putting all your energy into this one thing that you want. And you are being disciplined, waking up every day and choosing that life, praying about it, writing it down, and manifesting it.
You can never lose when you bet on yourself.
If you’re looking for ways to bet on yourself, here are some grants you can start applying for today.

Amber Grants for Women

WomensNet founded the “Amber Grant” in 1998. Complete a short application about yourself and your business dream. Submitting one application makes you eligible for all grants related to your business. Grant winners are announced by the 23rd of the following month. Click here to learn more.

HerRise Micro-Grant

This grant provides financial assistance to women of color. Each month, a $500 micro-grant will be awarded to a small business creating innovative solutions that impact the community. Click here to learn more and apply.
Meta (Facebook) We The Culture Grants
Program recipients will gain access to content funding, educational, and developmental resources, as well as product support. The program is also on a mission to help Black founders build sustainable businesses through the Facebook and Instagram platforms as well as gain access to exclusive community building activities and partner management. Apply here. Creators will be accepted on a rolling basis.

National Association for the Self-Employed Growth Grants

Apply for a business development grant from the NASE worth up to $4,000. Black women can jump start their business and receive help covering expenses to purchase supplies such as computers, printers, and any additional equipment needed to run your business. Grant applications completed in October, November and December will be reviewed in January. Click here to learn more.

The Pollination Project Daily Grant Program

This grant exists to uplift grassroots change-makers whose work helps build a kinder, more compassionate world. Click here to learn more and apply for funding.

Wish Local Empowerment Program

Black-owned businesses with brick-and-mortar shops within the United States are eligible to apply. You must also have less than 20 employees. If selected for the program, you must join Wish Local (which is free). The organization provides grants for up to $2000. Click here to learn more and apply.

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