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Planned Parenthood of Illinois Provides Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care

PPIL offers the "Bridges to Prenatal Care” program for Black mothers on Chicago's South and West side.

Photo Credit: Pixistock
Photo Credit: Pixistock

Black women experience notably higher rates of pregnancy-related deaths compared to White women. This alarming situation is further compounded by the fact that over 80% of these deaths are preventable.

And Chicago, the third largest city in the country, faces significant health disparities impacting Black mothers. Data reveals a stark contrast in infant mortality rates: Black babies in Chicago experience a rate of 11.4 per 1,000 live births, compared to 3.6 for White babies.

These health disparities are particularly acute in certain neighborhoods. In predominantly Black areas like Englewood on Chicago’s South Side, the infant mortality rates are alarmingly high, more than double the average for Cook County. This situation underscores an urgent need for targeted healthcare interventions and enhanced support in these communities to address and mitigate these profound disparities.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) offers a full range of reproductive health care, including the Bridges to Prenatal Care” program for Black mothers. PPIL notes that the program was developed to provide care in the South and West sides of Chicago. These areas are often referred to as “prenatal care deserts” due to a significant lack of available prenatal care services.

PPIL also offers vital services including prenatal care, cervical cancer screenings, pap smears, comprehensive birth control options, STI testing and treatment, rapid HIV testing, PrEP for HIV prevention, HPV vaccines, vasectomies, and gender-affirming care.

Insurance Assistance

Despite the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of health insurance coverage, approximately a quarter of a million Chicago residents remain uninsured. PPIL assists uninsured individuals in enrolling and navigating through available insurance plans.

“We are committed to removing barriers to accessing reproductive care and connect patients with resources for food insecurity, transportation, housing insecurity, and ensure follow-up to minimize service gaps,” says PPIL.

Community Involvement

The Black Organizing Program (BOP), a component of Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, focuses on amplifying voices within the Black community and centers its advocacy on civic participation.

“Our commitment extends beyond our clinics,” said PPIL. “Through thoughtful engagement and coalition-building, we work alongside Black leaders, community members, elected officials, and institutions advancing Black Illinoisans’ safety, protection, and wellness.”

To participate in BOP, visit www.ppiAction.org and sign up.



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