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Top Children’s Books By Black Authors, As Chosen By Our Readers

Support Black authors on Chicago's South Side while building your collection of children's books.

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Are you trying to level up in 2023? Let’s make it a family affair with our list of children’s books written by Black authors on Chicago’s South Side.

We asked our loyal Chicago Southsider subscribers to share their favorite children’s books written by Black authors. Review the book reviews or contact the authors to determine which books you should add to your collection.

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Now, it’s time to dive into the Chicago Southsider Children’s Book Guide. Let’s go!

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!

By Marlene Dillon

My niece received this book at a natural hair event we attended. She is 2yrs old and when she first saw it she yelled “It’s Me” while smiling. That was worth everything to see that type of reaction and how happy she was with each page turn. It’s great to know she has something she can see herself in, rather then growing up trying to fit in someone else’s image of who she should be. – Tiffany N Moore, Amazon Book Review

Author Marlene Dillon is a blogger, graphic designer, public speaker, and mom. She has a master’s in counseling and specializes in youth empowerment.

Little Black Pearls for Little Black Girls

By Kennedy Jordan Turner and Dominique Jordan Turner

Nuggets of wisdom every Black Girl (big and small) should know

This book is a great inspiration for all girls, but it particularly focuses on black girls to counter many of the negative ideas, images, and stereotypes that tend to get more attention. The author offers inspiration that addresses body image, colorism, self-esteem, and confidence in a way that most adults aren’t even aware is at issue; but oh yes it really is. My years of working with middle school girls in big cities across the country affirms the need for these little pearls. –Tosha Downey, Amazon Book Reviewer

Just Like Mommy

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By Kaneacha Davis

My son really enjoyed reading this book! He was interested in knowing what a nurse does. We’ve read this book 4 times; it’s one of his favorites already! – Max H, Amazon Book Reviewer

The Adventures of Dinah Washington

By Kristin Atkins (Author), Mary Ibeh (Illustrator)

Louis Runs Away

By Felton Armand and Kailah Armand

Life in Foster Care – The Formative Years

Louis Runs Away is a well written and a simple literary piece that captures the heart and gives some directions to a foster child traveling from the depths of an abusive home to his new safe surroundings . It is often difficult to understand what a child is feeling when transitioning into a foster home. This book is a quick read for a lifetime impact. Every foster home, Social Service organization, library and school can benefit from the content to give hope to foster children along with the awareness that Armand himself was a foster child who is not only an author but also his daughter is the Illustrator. Children like to know that people really understand through experience. This book simply educates them and offers them that truth. – Vanessa Israel, Amazon Book Reviewer

The Violet Book Series by Kenyatta Scott

Shades of Beauty by Kelly Michele (Author), Waqas Ahmed (Illustrator)

Kelly Michele has done it again! Shades of Beauty (SOB) is a must read! SOB is a very inspirational poem / book. I love the book, because their is a space and place for everyone in this book! SOB celebrates the spectrum of the skin tones, cultures, race, gender, inclusivity and diversity. Self esteem, Racial Diversity and Inclusion are hot topics. This book is so on time and a great resource to not only help all our children feel good about and celebrate the color of the skin they are in, it also teachers them how to love, appreciate and respect others too. The affirmations at the end are universal and appropriate for every age, race and gender! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK! – Kenneth Phelps, Amazon Book Reviewer

The Caterpillar Goes Shoe Shopping by Dorothy Gray

Did we miss your favorite books? Leave a comment below and let us know what books we should feature in our 2023 Black History Month Guide and 2023 Valentine’s Day Guide. We will also add more books to the Chicago Southsider Children’s Book Guide.

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